from the latin conectere ‘to join together’, meaning ‘to establish a relationship’.
this is when the work enters in dialogue with the world - through shows, talks, articles -  and connects with you.
Art Barter Mexico
14 Dec-17 Dec 2017
Oaxaca, Mexico
ART BARTER OAXACA featuring / presentando:
Adeline de Monseignat
Balam Bartolomé
Baldomero Robles
Claudia Fernández
Dr. Lakra     
Edgar Orlaineta
Flora Lacy
Francisco Toledo
Gabriel Escalante
Isauro Huizar
Ivy Armour
Jamie Ruiz Otis
Javier Santos
José Maria Rubio Venegas
Joshua  Jobb
Juan Caloca
Karina  Juárez
Laureana Toledo
Lissette Jiménez Díaz
Luke Hart
Manuel Rocha Iturbide
Marco Arce
Marina Lascaris
Nina Amber
Pablo de Laborde Lascaris
Pablo Vargas Lugo
Pedro Reyes
Perla Krauze
Santiago Gómez
Santiago Rojo
Saulo Blanco
Trine Ellitsgaard
Vanessa Lodigiani
Victor del  Moral Rivera
Zhivago Duncan
ART BARTER is a series of physical exhibitions in different cities where the public is invited to bid on anonymous artworks by artists living and working in the host country at that time. The only offer that is not valid at an Art Barter event is money!
Visitors have to get creative and try to win the artworks by offering their skills, possessions, services, hobbies or anything else that they can dream up, encouraging them to think about what they have that is unique and how much they personally value the work.
The events make artwork more accessible to all art enthusiasts, at the same time as questioning the notion of the ‘art market’. Each artwork is attributed only with a number as opposed to a name, price tag or title, thus creating bids that are based purely on the work’s aesthetic and emotional value, beyond geographies, market trends, media and any
other influences. This also allows the artist’s to value their own work via non-monetary mechanisms as they ultimately decide which barter to accept.
To date, twelve Art Barter exhibitions have taken place across the world including in London, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Istanbul, Mexico City, Dubai and Herning with a high percentage of artworks having been exchanged. The project has always been received 
with enthusiasm by artists and the community alike, offering a refreshing point of entry into the realms of collecting and exhibiting.
Art Barter now returns for its thirteenth edition in OAXACA in collaboration with Laureana Toledo at the Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo from Thursday 14th - Sunday 17th December 2017.
N.B. Please do not bring your items to barter with you, there will be forms within the exhibition where you can make your offers. Thank you.