from the latin conectere ‘to join together’, meaning ‘to establish a relationship’.
this is when the work enters in dialogue with the world - through shows, talks, articles -  and connects with you.
Force of Nature ll
04 Mar-09 Apr 2017
The Mile End Art Pavilion
Force of Nature II

Curated by James Putnam

PV: Sat 4 March 4-9pm

Runs: 5 March - 9 April 2017

Mile End Art Pavilion, London

Curator of a large number of exhibitions, well-known on the London scene, James Putnam chose for this exhibition to include both established and emerging international contemporary artists inspired not only by nature but also its processes -evolution, birth, growth, aging, decay, change.
Nature is constantly in a state of change and the artists’ acute awareness and sensitivity to this change is crucial to the creation of their work that can be site-specific, monumental or ephemeral.
Adeline is currently working on a new installation for this show.