from the latin conectere ‘to join together’, meaning ‘to establish a relationship’.
this is when the work enters in dialogue with the world - through shows, talks, articles -  and connects with you.
Prizma Group Show 2
02 Apr-23 Apr 2015
Launched in September, PRIZMASPACE continues its annual program with PRIZMA GROUP SHOW #2 between 02 - 23 April. PRIZMA GROUP SHOW #2 including the most recent works of Elif Boyner (TR), Emin Fırat Övür (TR), Can Büyükberber (TR), Marie Kaus (FR), Adeline De Monseignat (MC-NL), Lara Ögel (TR), Holly Parmley (IRL-CA), Michal Rubin (ISR), Zeynep Solakoğlu (TR) and Cezar Sperinde (ISR-BR) can be seen between April 02 - 23 at PRIZMASPACE, Cihangir, Sıraselviler.