from old french reflecter 'to throw back', meaning 'to turn one's thoughts upon'. what is projected is reflected upon & vice versa. if adm develops a body of work with the purpose of life as its core, find here the backbone of her research, its essence & DNA.
the essence

The Essence aka 'The Artist Statement'
My work is the proof of my interest in birth, nature and bringing the inanimate to life. Inspired by Brancusi, Bourgeois and the Surrealists, for whom the egg was central to their works, themes tied to the body, the uncanny and the origin are recurrent in my practice.  These interests are addressed in my sculptures, installations, works on paper and films with the use of organic, sensual, strong yet vulnerable materials such as fur, eggshells, fabric and marble that aim to echo the human body’s qualities and potentialities.