from old french reflecter 'to throw back', meaning 'to turn one's thoughts upon'. what is projected is reflected upon & vice versa. if adm develops a body of work with the purpose of life as its core, find here the backbone of her research, its essence & DNA.
the essence

The Essence aka 'The Artist Statement'

My work translates an interest in psychology, mythology, urban legends, anthropology and other literary or historical sources which refer to birth, fertility, anthropomorphism and the uncanny.  Through sculpting, I aim to provide physicality and functionality to such intangible concepts.  It is often through the process of hand-making that the piece gains its quirks and idiosyncrasies.
I work primarily with organic, mineral, sensual, strong yet vulnerable materials such as marble, fur, glass, steel and textiles that aim to echo the human body’s qualities, vulnerabilities and potentialities. 
Over the last 3 to 4 years I have been focusing on Greek female mythology characters and have worked with the symbols of the wheel, the pod, the ladder and now the pillar, representing universal entities for life cycles, progress, and rebirth.