from the latin conectere ‘to join together’, meaning ‘to establish a relationship’.
this is when the work enters in dialogue with the world - through shows, talks, articles -  and connects with you.
100 London Artists Vol 2 Book
02 Jan-02 Jan 2014
by Edward Lucie-Smith & Zavier Ellis
Adeline's work to be included in the publication '100 London Artists' that celebrates London as a centre for contemporary art with a huge population of artists. Selected by Edward Lucie-Smith & gallerist Zavier Ellis, Vol 1 showcases the work of 50 young painters – responding to painting's powerful revival. Vol 2 will feature sculptors, makers of installations, video & performance. Links to galleries & institutions connect you to the vibrant London art scene. Elizabeth Beecher Publishing is the leader in innovative art publications which enable users to interact with and immerse themselves in art.

The book can be read on any iPad or Mac with Mavericks software.

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